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Welcome To The Armored Saints
Welcome to The Armored Saints!

The official website for the 12sky2: The Armored Saints Guild.
Guild News

[Items] 55 to 95 Blades, Needed.

toniBLADES, Sep 28, 11 12:06 PM.
[Items] 55 to 95 Blades, Needed.

We need a level 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 Rare blade
we already have a 45 & 105, if we had a full set it'll be easier
to help the guild if we had blades in order instead of upgrading them.

[Level Update Member] SinfulQueen

toniBLADES, Sep 28, 11 11:25 AM.
[Level Update Member]  SinfulQueen

Is now level 105!

[Level Update Member] toniBLADES

toniBLADES, Sep 27, 11 11:02 PM.
[Level Update Member] toniBLADES

I hit [m33] today.

From level m25 to m33 in about 4 hours in sos, pcx, sup pill, & mpot stacked.

[Guild Level Upgraded]

toniBLADES, Sep 27, 11 11:00 PM.
Our guild has been upgraded from a Level One: 10 member guild to a Level Two: 20 Member Guild.

Keep the Levels Rolling

knightryder2011, Sep 20, 11 3:44 PM.
This is your Guild Master Speaking. Keep up the leveling and keep up the hard work. Special thanks to Toni for the website he made us. Make sure that when you go Away From Keyboard you stand close to the Herbalist that way we know where all our members are. At some point that you have items that you can't sell in Guanyan, we will know that you went to Saigo. Thanks. Have fun.
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